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What is the difference between a Printable Product, and a Ready to Use product?
Printable products are digital files that you download to your computer, print on your home printer and cut out yourself. Ready to Use products are physical products that we ship to you. Ready to Use decorations are printed on high quality, glossy paper, and are all pre cut. Most of our products are available in both formats. 
What are the advantages of Printable Products?
  • You will receive the file right away, no waiting for shipping.
  • You can print as many of the decorations as you like for your personal use
What are the advantages of Ready to Use product?
  • The quality of the printing and paper is higher than you would be able to achieve on your home printer
  • You don't have to worry about downloading a file, getting your printer to work, running out of ink, etc. 
  • All the pieces are cut out for you.
Where can I find the link to download my file?
There are several places to find your link: 
  • The link will be sent to you in an email to the email address you provided during checkout. 
  • The link can also be found on our website. Click "my account", then "completed orders". You will see a list with all your orders, and links to download any files you have purchased.  
Is there a limit to how many times I can download my file?
Yes, the file can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times, and the link will expire after 10 days. Of course, you may store the downloaded file on your computer for as long as you like. 
How are the Printable files for download different from the Ready to Use art?
The files for you to download and print at home have been edited to make them easier for you to print and cut out. Our Ready to Use products are printed by a industrial printer on heavy, glossy paper, then cut out by a machine. The print at home files have been re-sized for your convenience, so that all the pieces fit onto standard 8 1/2 by 11 size paper. Also, we have added lines indicating where to cut. All the art is the same.
If I buy a digital file, may I print it as many times as I want?
Yes, you can print as many as you like. For example if you need more border pieces, print that page again. It is not ok to print out our decorations and give them or sell them to other people. It is also not ok to give the digital file away to other people. Both of these activities would infringe our copyrights. 
I am a teacher, is it ok to use the digital files for my whole class?
Yes, it is ok to buy our files and print them many as you like for your classroom. You may continue to print the files each year at no additional charge. It is not ok to distribute or sell the digital file or printouts outside of your class. Please use your moral compass.
Why don't you sell full kits for projects, why just decorations?
We don't sell kits because want to help you, not do it for you. We help you with the presentation, but it is up to the student to research the content of their project and come up with a creative way to use the decorations. We know that teachers frown on kits, and rightly so. Our objective is to provide decorations themed to subjects that are studied in schools, but not found at craft sores, so that students can create a stunning presentation of their original work.