What is a "printable"?
All of our products are digital files, which you download and print yourself. Nothing will be mailed to you. This means if your project is due soon, you can make it right away, without having to wait for shipping or drive to the store!
When will my shipment arrive? 
All of of our products are digital files which you download and print yourself, or "PowerPoint" style templates that are used digitally. Nothing will be sent in the mail. 
Where can I find the link to download my file?
There are several places to find your link: 
  • After Checkout: Immediately after checkout, you will be taken to a page with a link to download the files you purchased. If you closed this page, don't worry, you will also get an email, and can find your order in your account. 
  • Email Link: The link will be sent to you in an email to the email address you provided during checkout. 
  • Your Account: If you've created an account with us, you can also find your files under your account. Click "my account", then "completed orders". You will see a list with all your orders, and links to download any files you have purchased. (Note that this option isn't available if you checked out as a guest, but you'll still get the email). 
What sort of paper should I print on? 
Standard copy paper is just fine for all of our products. (letter size, 8.5 x 11", white)
If you want to buy special paper, card stock (white, 8.5 x 11") is a good choice because it is thicker than regular paper. Other factors like brightness, weight and gloss come down to personal preference, any sort of "normal" paper will work. Please do consider that some home printers do not handle thicker specialty papers well, and they can jam. This depends on your printer. 
Is there a limit to how many times I can download my file?
No, you can always download it again. 
Can I give/sell the files with other people?
No. It is not ok to print out our decorations and sell them to other people. It is also not ok to give the digital file away to other people. Both of these activities would infringe on our copyrights. 
I am a teacher, is it ok to use the digital files for my whole class?
Yes, it is ok to buy our files and print them many as you like for your classroom. You may continue to print the files each year at no additional charge. It is not ok to distribute or sell the digital file or printouts outside of your class. Please use your moral compass.