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Ancient Egypt PowerPoint Template

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What it is: A digital download of a PowerPoint file, with all of the images and clip art to make your Ancient Egypt presentation.  
Getting your file: You will be provided with a link to download the PowerPoint file immediately after purchase. A download link will also be emailed to you, at the email you provide during checkout. 
Using your file: The powerpoint file can be opened using PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or google slides. Google slides is free to use with a Google account, just upload the file to your Google drive.
Template Includes Everything You Need:  Easily customize the slides with your report information, and use the clip art to make it look great!
Includes clip art of these Ancient Egyptian icons:
  • King Tutankhamun Mask
  • Egyptian Pyramids of Giza
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Mummy Case (sarcophagus)
  • Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphics 
  • Bastet Statue (ancient Egyptian cat god)
  • Canopic Jars (organ mummification jars)
  • Egyptian Scribe
  • Scarab Beetles
Also includes clip art of these Ancient Egyptian gods and godesses: 
  • AmunRa
  • Osiris
  • Isis
  • Hathor
  • Horus
  • Ra
  • Anubis
  • Seth
  • Thoth
  • Sobek 
* Please note that the fonts shown in the images are Google fonts, if you use keynote or powerpoint, your computer will substitute a similar looking font. 
 Printable Kit to make an Ancient Rome Report, multiple pages of Ancient Roman clip art to print

Reviews (2)

Evelyn 30th Nov 2018

If you have to do PowerPoint, this is the way to go.

My son used "Keynote" to do his project. Needed a little help from me, and I'm sort of annoyed at the school for makes us use this sort of format for the assignment, guess I'm old fashioned. This template made the digital report a lot easier and better looking than it could have been.

Simrat 28th Nov 2018

Project Looked So Good

All of the other Egypt templates I found looked like terrible clip art from the 90s. This made my daughter's project look so polished, and it was super easy to use. I thought Power Point report was going to be a nightmare, but would happily do it again.

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Additional Info

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