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Chemistry Science Fair - Display Board Poster Project Kit

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This is a printable kitThis is a digital kit, that you download and print. It includes all of our Chemistry Science Fair templates in one bundle. 
Instant Download - A link to download your files will be provided on the order confirmation page immediately after purchase. The download ink will also emailed to you immediately after purchase, by our automated system. Use the link to download your files at any time, as many times as you like, on multiple devices.  
How to Print - You will need access to a printer to print your files. You can print the files at home, work, or send them to a copy shop. Print them on regular, letter size printer paper.     

Everything for Your Chemistry Project! - Use this complete kit to easily make an attractive, colorful display board for your Chemistry science fair display. 

A variety of decorative templates are included in this kit to make your presentation look great. Pre-written titles for each step in the scientific method are included, plus an alphabet of letters to create your own custom titles. Borders will add color to the edge of your poster, photo frames will add pizzaz to photos and graphs, and colorful clip art can be used to fill any empty space. For writing your report, the kit comes with writing templates for full report pages, half pages, and even mini templates for captions. All of the graphics are Chemistry themed, with colorful molecule graphics. Over 25 pages of graphics and clip art are included. 

Step By Step TutorialNeed some help? Click here to view a detailed tutorial showing exactly how to use this kit to make your Chemistry science fair display board. 

What Is Included

The kit includes several digital files, that your download and print. This kit includes over 20 pages of templates and clip art to make your Chemistry experiment display board. 
Instructions (4 pages)
Instructions are included in the kit, showing how to make your poster step by step with pictures. (Printing these pages is optional).
Poster Pieces (10 pages)
These template pieces are used to put together your poster, adding borders, titles, and visual aids.
  1. Borders - add a border around the edge of your board. 
  2. Title Cards - create custom titles using the alphabet.
  3. Photo Frames - add a border around photos or visual aids.  
  4. Photo Corners - add decorative corners to photos or visual aids. 
Alphabet (6 pages)
The kit includes and alphabet with letters that can be used like "stickers" to create custom titles for your project. 
Writing Templates (3 pages)
The kit includes two copies of each writing template, one lined if you are handwriting your report, and one that can be edited using Microsoft Word or Apple pages, if you are typing your report. 

  1. Full Pages (lined and type-able)
  2. Half Pages (lined and type-able)
  3. Captions (lined and type-able)
Clip Art (1 page)
These colorful Chemistry clip art illustrations are included in the kit to decorate your project:
  • Atom
  • Bubbles
  • Molecule
  • Microscope
  • Round Flask
  • Triangular Flask
  • Test Tube 
  • Stars and filler shapes. 


*This complete kit includes our other Chemistry Science Fair themed printables. You do not need to purchase the writing templates and icons separately, they are all included in this set.

*This kit does not include the content of your report, only the clip art and decorations. Students will need to add their own research and visual aids following their assignment.  


Printable Kit for Chemistry Science Fair Diaplay Boards

Reviews (11)

Jerod 4th Feb 2020

Incredibly Helpful

If you have no idea how to help your kid put together a Science Display, buy this kit. Its fool proof.

Madilyn 12th Jan 2020

Bubbles Project

We used this for a display on an experiment about bubbles. The borders and artwork have bubbles in them so it fit our theme. I guess it would also work for any chemistry theme. Easy to download and use.

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Additional Info

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