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New York State Report Display Board Poster Project Kit

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What it is: Digital kit that you download and print, with New York state clip art to decorate a school project, like a poster or display board.
Beautiful Projects, Fast and Easy! Posters made with the matching pieces in this complete kit are colorful and polished, and it's so much faster than making it all from scratch. That's because our kit features easy to follow instructions, is made specifically for school age kids working on New York state school reports, and has exactly what you need all in one bundle. 
Downloading the Files: Our automated system will provide you with a download link immediately after checkout. An email with the same download link will also be sent to you, right away, automatically. 
Printing the Kit: Print the files yourself at home, work, or a copy shop. The pages are standard size, and you can use regular letters size copy paper. 
What Comes in the Kit: Along with instructions, the kit includes all of the pieces to make your New York state poster project. Poster pieces make it easy to add borders, titles, and captions and photo frames to their project. There are writing templates (lined and unlined) for all written parts of your report, and a "sticker" alphabet is included for easily creating custom titles. Two whole pages of New York state symbol clip art, listed below: 
New York State Icon Clip Art In This Kit:
  • New York State Map, with state capitol Albany marked
  • New York State Flag
  • New York State License Plate
  • New York State Motto: Excelsior
  • New York State Nickname: The Empire State
  • New York State Flower: Rose
  • New York State Tree: Sugar Maple
  • New York State Bird: Eastern Bluebird
  • New York Landmark: Niagara Falls
  • Important state economic products: Apples, Milk and Grapes



Reviews (6)

Cammie 27th Mar 2020

Great Poster Kit for New York

I was worried about my limited ability to help my son with his New York State project. This kit felt like I was giving him a scaffolding to work of off but not building the project for him. He made the whole poster himself and it looks fantastic!

Jonna 18th Jan 2020

Project Kit for New York Poster

This kit was a life saver after the dog destroyed my son's near-complete poster! We didn't have much time or materials so printing and using this kit was exactly what we needed. We're done (again) now and the poster is on a high shelf!

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Additional Info

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