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Science Fair Poster Kit

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Complete, printable kit to decorate a Science project, report, or fair poster board.
Just for Science Projects! Use this kit to easily decorate a science experiment presentation board. Instructions are included, as well as headings for each step in the Scientific Method.
Instant File Download: A link to download the files for this kit will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. Just download your files and print on regular copy paper (at home, work, or a copy shop).
What Is Included? Our kit has pieces for every part of your report. Headers are included of all of the steps of the scientific method, plus an alphabet of letters to create custom titles. A variety of decorative pieces make your presentation look great; borders for your poster, frames for photos and graphs, colorful clip art icons to fill any empty space. For the written report requirements there are writing templates and cards to write captions and titles. All of the pieces are Science themed, decorated with bubble, beakers, atoms and more. 
Kit includes these Science Icons:
  • Beaker
  • Test Tube
  • Triangular Beaker (Conical Flask / Erlenmeyer Flask)
  • Round Beaker (Florence Flask)
  • Microscope
  • Atom 
  • Planet Earth 
  • Leaf
  • Light Bulb
  • Stars and Bubbles
*This complete kit includes our Science Fair Writing Template Border Papers, and Science Fair Icons. There is no need to purchase those products separately.
Printable Kit for Science Fair Diaplay Boards

Reviews (4)

Sylvia 9th Jun 2018

did the job

My daughter's science night poster looked great with these items added.

aisha noor 6th Jan 2017

Great printables!!!!!

I thought these printables would be just average but was I wrong, they came out really nice and presentable.

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Additional Info

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