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Ancient Egypt Project Display Board Poster Kit (Printable)

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This is a printable kit - This is a digital kit, that you download and print. It includes all of our Ancient Egypt templates in one bundle. 
How to Download - A link to download the kit files is provided immediately after you complete your purchase, on the order confirmation page. The download link will also be emailed to you, automatically, immediately after purchase. You can download your files at any time.
Printing the Kit - You will need access to a printer to print your files. You can print the kit at home, at work, or at a copy shop, on normal printer paper.    
Make Your Ancient Egypt Project, Fast and Easy! - All of the pieces you need to make your project are included in this kit. The templates are Ancient Egypt themed, with papyrus paper texture, and Ancient Egyptian artwork and motifs. Easily add borders, create custom titles, and decorate your poster with photo frames and photo corners. Use the set of hieroglyphic symbols to write your own titles in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics! Writing templates are included for the written portions of your report, and instructions are also provided, with clear steps to make your project stand out.
Step By Step Tutorial - Need some help? Click here to view a detailed tutorial showing exactly how to use this kit to make your Ancient Egypt display poster. 

What Is Included

This kit is made up of a few digital files, that you download and print. The files have over 30 pages of templates, and clip art to make your Ancient Egypt display board. Here is a list of what is in the kit:
Instructions (4 pages)
Instructions are included in the kit, showing how to make your poster step by step with pictures. (Printing these pages is optional).
Poster Pieces (10 pages)
These template pieces are used to put together your poster, adding borders, titles, and visual aids.
  1. Borders - Add a decorative papyrus border around the edge of your board.
  2. Titles - Create custom titles for each of your report sections. 
  3. Photo Frames - Add a decorative frame around pictures. 
  4. Photo Corners - Add decorative corners to pictures.
Alphabet (6 pages)
The kit includes an alphabet with letters that can be used like "stickers" to create custom titles for your project. 
Hieroglyphic Alphabet + Cartouches (5 pages)
This kit includes a special alphabet of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols, and cartouches. You can cut out the symbols and arrange them on the cartouches to write your own custom titles in hieroglyphics.
Writing Templates (3 pages)
The kit includes two copies of each writing template, one lined if you are handwriting your report, and one that can be edited using Microsoft Word or Apple pages, if you are typing your report. 

  1. Full Pages (lined and type-able)
  2. Half Pages (lined and type-able)
  3. Captions (lined and type-able)
Clip Art (1 page)
Colorful clip art of Ancient Egyptian icons is included in the kit to decorate to your project. These are the clip art illustrations in the kit:
  • King Tutankhamun Mask
  • Egyptian Pyramids of Giza
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Mummy Case (sarcophagus)
  • Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphics 
  • Bastet Statue (ancient Egyptian cat god)
  • Canopic Jars (organ mummification jars)
  • Egyptian Scribe
  • Scarab Beetles
Gods and Goddesses (2 pages)
Clip art of 10 Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are also included in the kit. These are the deities included:
  • AmunRa
  • Osiris
  • Isis
  • Hathor
  • Horus
  • Ra
  • Anubis
  • Seth
  • Thoth
  • Sobek
*The kit includes all our Ancient Egypt printable, including writing templates, clip art, and gods and goddesses. Those products do not need to be purchased separately. 
 Long Pinterest Pin showing printable kit to make a poster board for an ancient Egypt school project

Reviews (9)

Audrey Snead 20th Jul 2020

Egypt Project Display Board

Loved the graphics---very well made!

Jessi 4th Feb 2020

Worth It

Really a great idea to make these sets. I am impressed with how easily my son's 6th grade Egypt project came together with this.

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Additional Info

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