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Ancient Egypt Project Kit

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What Is It? This kit is a digital file, full of great Ancient Egypt art to decorate reports. You download and print the file yourself, on standard letter size copy paper. You can be ready to make your project in minutes!
Fast and Easy! Instructions are included with this complete kit, so kids can easily complete their art project. The kit is specially designed for students researching the history of ancient Egypt. Poster projects look polished, interesting and colorful when this kit is used. 
Digital Files: You will be provided with a link to download the kit files right after purchase. A download link will also be emailed to you, at the email you provide during checkout. 
Kit Comes With: All the supplies you need to craft your Egypt poster are included in our complete kit, as well as step by step instructions. You'll be able to frame all the images in your report, add captions and titles, and even easily give your poster beautiful borders! We've included ancient Egypt themed writing paper templates to write your report and an alphabet of "sticker" letters to create custom titles. All of the colorful illustrations look like they are on papyrus paper, and are inspired by the iconic style of ancient Egyptian tomb murals. 
Our Ancient Egyptian Icons also come with the kit:
  • King Tutankhamun Mask
  • Egyptian Pyramids of Giza
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Mummy Case (sarcophagus)
  • Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphics 
  • Bastet Statue (ancient Egyptian cat god)
  • Canopic Jars (organ mummification jars)
  • Egyptian Scribe
  • Scarab Beetles
*Our Ancient Egypt Border Writing Paper Template, and Icons are included in this kit. Please be sure not to buy those too, you would have duplicates.
*Our Ancient Egyptian Gods Icons are not included and can be purchased separately. 

Reviews (5)

Helen Lee 10th May 2017

Good Egypt Printables

Sent to print at Kinkos (its letter size). My 6th grade son was able to make his Egypt poster board pretty much by himself with this (I still had to proof read his report, "Mommyhomework" is never ending :/)

Ammara Irfandin 21st Nov 2016

its good can add more things

Hi Got this for son for his history project overall its good. They can add egypt map. Mummification process more detail about gods.

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Additional Info